Jig Slings 5pk
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Jig Slings 5pk

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  • Manufacturer: BassTEK
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BassTEK Jig Sling is a super simple jig accesory that will save you time and money.  You'll spend way less time fixing and re-rigging your plastic jigs trailers which means you will spend more time casting and catching more fish!

The BassTEK Jig Sling system is designed to slide over the hook and hold in place any trailer, craw or chunk and an option to add a rattle.  Works great on flipping jigs, swim jigs, football jigs and more.

Three holes are preset by the manufacturer. The smallest of the three holes in this jig sling accommodates the shank of the jig hook, and sits behind the jig's skirt material and up on to bait collar. The next larger size hole of the jig sling will hold your favorite jig rattle, positioning it underneath the jig. The largest hole stretches over the jig trailer, binding the trailer to the jig.

BassTEK Jig Sling shown with Unsirted 3/8oz head and partial Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver as Jig Trailer


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