Tungsten Ned Rig Heads
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BassTEK Tungsten Weedless Ned Rig Head Jigs

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  • Item #: WTNH-3pk
  • Manufacturer: BassTEK
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This new BassTEK Tungsten weedless ned style jig is a great jig for getting your Midwest Finesse Rigs through the gnarliest cover!  We bring you a Dual Light Wire Weedguard cause you can always choose to trim the weedguards off for open water. presentations  Tungsten heads deliver ultra sensitivity in an ultra compact design plus environmentally friendly. All sizes come with an ultra sharp 2/0 hook for those that catch big fish on their Ned Rigs!

3 per pack - 2/0

 Perfect for following rigs:

Ned Rig
Jig Worm
Midwest Finesse Rig
Weedless Flick Shake
Weedless Wacky Jigs

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