4.3" BassTEK Kreature
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4.3" BassTEK Kreature

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  • Manufacturer: BassTEK
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Kreature Baits are made from 100% reclaimed soft plastic baits and materials (6 per bag).  These baits are all limted run, low quanity, hand poured baits, containing salt and garlic scent.  100% Made in USA!  These are one of a kind 4.3" creature baits for targeting big bass!

This swimming craw / creature bait attracts bass from a distance, great flipped, pitched by itself or as a jig trailer!

Product Description
BassTEK soft baits are soft yet durable to last longer & catch more fish.

Unique custom colors and scents unmatched any where.

Road Kill

Black Magic
 Green Pumpking w/ colorful mix of
gold & other fishing attracting flakes
 Black w/ mystical mix of colored flakes

 Click Here for larger color photos in our Facebook Gallery

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